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Trying times in urbanity will call for increased conformity across multiple spheres of social life. Here, homogeny looms, so head for the hills.

To be sure, what’s been foretold thus far will most likely come to pass with the prioritization of safety, which today is promoted by those who call themselves liberals. The concern for safety will ultimately smuggle grander initiatives to reconstitute society and it's spaces. Artists and thinkers will be replaced by technocrats and bureaucrats in the pursuit of actionable solutions and their enforcement. And his at the expense of expressive agency. What follows is a cascading series of ironies. The leadership will undoubtedly act under the flag liberalism, a ideology that once championed expressive agency, the artist. The ones who pursue this expressive agency, will do so in the hinterlands, when the city had traditionally been the harbored the arts. The ones who achieve expressive anancy somewhere in the distance will be maligned by those who the hegemony calls its artists,

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