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CONCERNING THE CONTEXT: The neighborhood for the project site features a wide economic disparity, and the minimally regulated urban planning spurs a condition of architectural eclecticism. The intention, as it relates to the context, is paradoxical in that the building asserts itself as a foil to its neighbors in its form all the while reflecting its context as an assimilation mechanism

CONCERNING THE SUBJECT: In its attempt to relate to the community, the building hovers over the ground intended for absorbing the prevalent neighborly front porch ethos as its bottom edge almost encroaches onto the sidewalk. Moving up, the duplex tapers to be minimally invasive on its frontage, clearing views to the sky. The building compound consists of a division between living and service spaces. A Vertical circulation appears as a coiling stair armature that also bridges  horizontally between two programmatic components. Throughout the three story atrium, the circulation armature connects between living and service spaces, bridging the spaces vertically and horizontally.

CONCERNING THE OBJECT: A pyramidal pseudo-monolith hovers above the ground and a whirling chassis weaves together the fractured monolith. The longitudinal fracture reveals the chassis on the ends. The largest face of the monolith is translucent whereby the chassis is fetishized in its exposure to the street.

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